Three women co-host The Focus, let us introduce you Perle KOUSSALA

Perle Koussala

Lives in Paris suburbs

Perle works as Public Finance Inspector in Maisons Laffitte, a Paris suburbs. She launched 2 years ago, a fashion blog where she shares looks and tips about fashion and how to accept oneself.  It's with honesty and kindness that Perle enriches the topics.

Public Finance Inspector in Maisons Laffitte and  owner of  the Anna Fashion Therapy blog

With her last diploma (Master's degree in European Law) Perle works at  the French "Cour des Comptes" few months right before running for A-category-competitions to join the French Public Function.

She joins Sciences Po with a single objective :  to be well prepared to pass the exam and be able to join the prestigious National Treasury School. This was done in 2008, when after one year she obtained the rank of Inspector of the Treasury as a trainee, and then that of Inspector of Public Finances for more than 12 years now.

Curious and trying many things around her, Perle is in constant quest for knowledge and continually challenges herself. It is with that in mind that in 2017, she created the fashion and lifestyle blog, which has greatly contributed to the acquisition of SEO and blogging skills. 

Passionate about fashion, decoration and personal development, Perle is committed to helping women reveal their potential and accept themselves as they are.

 More recently, Perle created the Perfectly Different page to inform, share about vitiligo and encourage people with vitiligo to accept themselves as they are.

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