Three women co-host The Focus, let us introduce you Joëlle DAGO-SERRY

Joëlle Dago-Serry

In Paris suburbs

A TV and radio host, Joëlle is a true fighter who has won many victories throughout her life; it is with charisma and joie de vivre that Joëlle contributes to the debates of The Focus.  

Creator of joy, coach for women who want to achieve and put ✨✨ in their lives, TV and radio presenter

After two years in Law School in Assas, Joëlle, who was facing housing difficulties with her parents, decided to get a job  with the eagerness to build her professional development.

After several odd jobs she specialized in Litigation Management. She will carry out this activity within large groups (Orange, General Electric...) before moving in 2013 to the social real estate sector. The fact that she has been homeless pushes her to get involved in a major player in Social Housing, in order to help employees with modest incomes to find housing by negotiating partnerships.

Self-taught, curious, and interested in current events, in 2016 she joined a radio and television talk show in which she debated subjects revolving around politics, social facts, or ecology. Already combining her two professional activities, she follows her desires and desire for independence by creating and launching in June 2019, Suzanne Suzanne, a women's ready-to-wear brand. She then begins a professional reconversion that will lead her to quit her job.

As a mother and (very) active woman, she used personal development to manage her multiple facets effectively. It is therefore natural that this woman, who has suffered from shyness for a very long time, chooses to coach shy women in order to help them speak out and assert themselves in their professional and personal environment.

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