Three women co-host The Focus, let us introduce you Linda KOUVOUAMA

Linda Kouvouama

in Pau 

 Linda lives different but complementary lives: she's an employee during the day, an entrepreneur in the evenings and on weekends and General Secretary of an international non-profit association, she spices up the discussions at The Focus with her outspokenness and pragmatism.

Purist  saleswoman from academic and professional training, woman of action and field.

Since 2009, after an MBA in International Business & Management from INSEEC Paris, Linda has successively held the positions of Project Manager at Total in London and Total Brussels on a portage basis for Docnroll, then was one of the two sales assistants of the South zone of the Wholesale Department of the luxury House Yves Saint Laurent in the offices of  rue d'Artois, before joining the sales teams of companies operating in the IT domains.

In 2015, she launched her own company by creating Kushinda and then ABBIA Digital in 2017 with two partners. Since late 2019, Linda has also been putting her expertise for a French software editor to sell The solution for managing financial and extra-financial performances and operational excellence.

At the same time, she has been involved in both personal and associative projects within Melting Pot Development, which she joined in 2010 as Communications Manager before becoming its General Secretary since 2012.


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